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Mexican Hammock Queen Size $109.95

queen size hammock

$109.95 - With Free Delivery Australia Wide

Hammock Colour

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double mexican hammock
double mexican hammock

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Double Cotton Mexican Hammock  
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Double Cotton Mexican Hammock    
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Recommended Accessories

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The Mexican Queen Size hammock will truely allow you to make the most of your relaxation time. Your stresses and worries will drift away and you will find pleasure in the small things - such as the cold beverage beside you, the good book you are reading, or just the sights and sounds your environment. Nothing creates a better feeling of relaxation than a great hammock!

The Mexican Queen hammock is a great hammock and will give you this feeling time and time again. Suitable for one or two persons, allowing you to stretch out and enjoy the moment with a loved one.


Mexican Queen Hammock Features

Each hammock is hand-woven by expert Mexican artisans.

Very strong and supportive holding up to 200kg

Lightweight - only 1.3kg, ensuring portability

Suitable for a variety of settings

Unique diamond inter-woven cord pattern to create body conforming comfort and support

Available in your choice of fine soft cotton cord and in various colours as displayed. Whilst full care is take to weave exact replicas of images, some colour and pattern variation will occur from exact image.

Easy to hang, setup and take down - instructions included

Best suited for one to two persons


Mexican Queen Hammock Dimensions

Weight - 1.3kg
Width - 2.2m
Length of body 2m
Overall Length 4.10m

Support Weight - 200kg

Recommended hanging distance approx 3.5m - 4.2m


Unlike contempary outdoor furniture the Mexican hammock is comfortable and practical for a range of different settings. From poolside, to the garden between your favourite trees, enjoying the view from your veranda, through to a spot at your favourite camping site, or even between tropical palm trees on your next island holiday!

You are sure to find a perfect spot to get away from the stresses of daily life, to rest, to relax, and to enjoy!

Mexican hammocks are crafted in an small open weave pattern. Triple woven to create a diamond pattern, that gently conforms to your body shape. You will feel your whole body supported without any stress or pressures points. This open weave design will also allow air to circulate around your body, preventing those annoying sweaty patches, that can often result from other outdoor furniture or full closed weave canvas type hammocks.

While the ideal gift for yourself, Mexican hammocks also make brilliant gift. Perfect for those that are always 'difficult' to buy for. A unique hand-woven product that is sure to be very well received and enjoyed. Suitable for any occasion, from Anniversaries, through to Christmas, birthday's and weddings, a thoughtful and cherished gift.


Further Hammock Info

Cotton Hammocks are 80% cotton (the body) and 20% Nylon (the arms) for greater strength.

Mayan Mexican Hammocksalso available in - Queen Hammock, King Hammock and Thick cord sizes.

Delivery Information

Payment Methods

Cotton or Nylon

*As each hammock is individually hand-woven care is taken to ensure accurate replicas of each image is created. However due to the intricate detailing slight variations will occur from the exact images displayed. While the colours will generally be the same the pattern and tone may differ slightly. Nylon and cotton hammock colours will also vary due to the different material, cotton = matt colour, nylon = glossy colour.*





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